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Applying the healing power of plants.

As it turns out, nurturing a plant is a very calming experience. In addition to physical benefits, such as increased hand-eye coordination, finger flexion and better balance, working with plants builds confidence and self-esteem. When we see a seed germinate and develop, it proves that our actions have made a difference. As the plant grows, so does our own sense of personal success.

This is the premise behind the partnership between Village Point and Eldergrow, a company that offers residents with Alzheimer’s and other dementias a connection to nature that supports meaningful engagement through evidence-based therapeutic horticulture classes in our own community sensory garden. Plants are unique in that they offer sensory stimulation in the form of fragrance, texture, and taste. A recent report from the University of Washington shows that horticultural therapy reduces depression; improves balance, coordination and endurance; and can lower the risk factors for dementia by 36 percent.

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Year-round therapeutic benefits.

The Village Point horticulture program, led by Eldergrow’s on-site program educators, includes evidence-based therapeutic horticulture classes including culinary harvesting, garden art, and nature classes. Our sensory garden provides easy access for community members to stand or sit and participate in hands-on activities that measure wellness goals, such as sensory stimulation.

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