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My Dad’s Stay at Village Point.


One week prior to me leaving for my dream vacation that I had been planning for a year, my 90-year-old father had a heart attack. It was so scary. He was getting released from the hospital the day I was flying out on vacation, and he was much too weak to go home with my mom. As an employee of Springpoint for almost 13 years, my immediate thought was to get him into one of our communities where he would be safe and well taken care of. My first pick was Village Point. Jay Whiteman and I had worked together for many years prior, and as the ED [executive director] of Village Point, I knew he would assist my family however he could. Sure enough, thanks to the Springpoint staff, when my plane landed, my dad was already safely admitted in Village Point! Dad had a semi-private room that was beautiful! Clean, cozy, and beautifully decorated, with lots of natural lighting and colors. The blanket on the bed was made by some of the residents. My family was as pleased and relieved as I was.

During his stay in Village Point, he had rehab every day and was monitored by the staff closely. My dad can sometimes be a little challenging and stubborn as most of us can be when we do not feel well. One of his main health concerns was getting his blood pressure stable, and he worried about it all the time. Late one evening when his pressure was high, my dad was very concerned and worried. The nurse that was assisting him and trying to calm him down asked him if he liked music; Dad said yes, he liked classical music. He specifically told her what he liked. She told him she would be right back, and indeed she was, with her own personal cell phone. She had downloaded the exact music he told her he liked on her own phone for him.

The staff called my dad their favorite (don’t tell Dad, I believe they say that about all their residents)—it seems he became quite the celebrity there. He left a lot stronger than when he arrived, and my whole family was very impressed with our experience in Village Point. I am very grateful for his recovery. He just celebrated his 91st birthday.

Thank you,

Iris Weiss

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