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The 5 Reasons Seniors Choose Independent Living Instead of Aging at Home

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As you move deeper into your golden years, you may be thinking more about where you’ll make your retirement home. Two of the most common options for young, healthy seniors are aging at home and independent living.

While your personal circumstances will ultimately determine which is the best path for you, a senior independent living community offers numerous advantages that are worth considering, especially for older adults who are planning for their long-term future.

Maintenance-free Living

One of the most immediate and obvious benefits of moving to an independent living community is the freedom from responsibility. Homeownership and maintenance are costly and time-consuming, but as a resident of an independent living community, you can leave that work and expense to our team. At The Moorings at Lewes, we handle chores like housekeeping, meal preparation, lawn mowing, and snow shoveling, so you can spend more time enjoying the retirement lifestyle you’ve earned. Whether you choose one of our comfortable apartments or spacious cottages, you can count on us to handle all your maintenance needs, inside and out.

Financial Implications

It’s no secret that healthcare costs are continually rising. At the same time, aging at home can bring fluctuating expenses for seasonal changes in utilities, medical bills, and other financial obligations. When you choose a Life Plan Community like The Moorings, you choose peace of mind and financial security. You can be assured that when your health needs change, you can access the care you need within the community.

More immediately, you can take advantage of monthly service fees that cover most of your living expenses in a single payment, making budgeting incredibly easy. We also offer flexible contract options, including our Lifecare program that offers predictable monthly payments, even if you need more care in the future.

Social Connections

Numerous studies support the importance of socialization for seniors’ mental and physical health, so maintaining relationships with peers and loved ones is one way you can protect your well-being as you age. As a resident of a senior living community, you’re surrounded by like-minded peers who may become some of your most cherished friends.

What’s more, our well-rounded activity schedule gives you countless opportunities to pursue your personal passions while meeting neighbors who share those interests. You’ll find yourself naturally immersed in the community and meeting new people as you explore new hobbies, enjoy a meal at one of the three distinct dining venues, and participate in social gatherings. The Moorings’ Residents’ Association is another way to socialize while making a meaningful impact on the community.

Resort-Like Lifestyle

If you’re generally healthy, you may not think you need a senior living community, and from a healthcare standpoint, you may be absolutely right. However, waiting to move into a retirement community until your health declines may mean that you miss out on fully enjoying the community’s amenities.

As an independent living resident, you can take advantage of a wide range of activities and programs that enhance your quality of life. At The Moorings, one example is our award-winning LivWell program, which goes well beyond traditional senior living activities to ensure all residents enjoy an engaging, stimulating life full of activities that mean the most to them.

Not only can you start and end each day in a beach-style cottage or spacious, well-appointed apartment, you’ll find a unique collection of senior living amenities that are yours to enjoy as you wish. With 35 acres of scenic walking trails, a state-of-the-art fitness center, fine dining restaurants, and leisure activities like bocce ball on the lawn, the community feels like a resort vacation you get to enjoy day after day—even more so when you take a quick jaunt to the Delaware shore nearby. Residents also enjoy exploring their artistic side in the art studio and woodworking shop, learning about the important role bees play in our environment with our resident-managed Observation Beehive, and watching Monarchs and their friends flutter their way through the mesmerizing butterfly garden.

Greater Independence

It may sound counterintuitive, but an independent living community can actually help you maintain your independence longer than aging in place. Some health problems creep up so gradually that you may not even recognize them. Professional staff in a senior living community are trained to respect your privacy while keeping an eye out for potential problems, so they can offer support that prevents small matters from becoming debilitating.

Is Independent Living for You?

Seeing a community in person is the best way to gauge whether you can see yourself settling into a satisfying retirement lifestyle there. Contact us to learn more about independent living at The Moorings at Lewes and schedule a tour to explore the neighborhood that you’ll be proud to call home.

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