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The Advantages of Senior Living Communities


How you’ll spend your retirement years is a big and exciting decision. With fewer personal responsibilities and professional demands, it’s your chance to fulfill dreams, tackle a travel bucket list, or simply settle into a slower pace of life.

Creating a comfortable retirement lifestyle involves many overlapping and interconnected factors. As you advance in years, your health may be a primary concern, but taking care of your medical needs and pursuing the lifestyle you desire can go hand in hand. That’s actually one of the greatest advantages of senior living communities like The Moorings at Lewes.

At Springpoint Senior Living communities, our family is committed to helping older adults foster stronger relationships, explore new experiences, and nurture their mind, body, and spirit. At the same time, we know there are practical considerations that go into choosing a senior living community. A Life Plan Community like The Moorings (also known as a continuing care retirement community) offers a continuum of care so you can rest assured that your future healthcare needs will be met as your health changes over time.

If you’ve never visited a senior living community, you may not know what to expect. With its proximity to the shore, The Moorings has a great deal to offer, but as residents can tell you, there are many more benefits of living in a community like this one.

You’ll feel right at home in our little neighborhood. With spacious private cottages and one- and two-bedroom apartments, the community feels like any other residential neighborhood. You’ll find walking trails and ponds, along with meticulous landscaping that feels just like a neighborhood park. There’s even a performance hall where you can take in a concert, enjoy a guest lecture, view a movie, or participate in other social events.

Maintenance-free living means having more time to do what you enjoy. One big difference between our community and a typical neighborhood is that you’re not likely to find your neighbors outside caring for their home and lawn. That’s a benefit of living in a community like The Moorings: We provide maintenance services so you can set aside worries like home repairs, lawn care, and snow shoveling. We even help with the housekeeping and other household chores so you can focus your time on other, more enjoyable, activities.

Diverse amenities let you stay engaged and active. With so much to do in the community and surrounding area, you’ll find plenty of ways to interact with your neighbors, make new friends, and bond over shared interests. At The Moorings you can find unique amenities like an art studio, butterfly gardens, and a woodworking shop, along with a fitness center, dog park, and walking trails that wander throughout the 35-acre campus.

Enhancing your overall wellness is a priority. The Moorings’ award-winning senior wellness program, LivWell, focuses on whole-person wellness with personal attention to your unique physical, intellectual, emotional, social, environment, spiritual, and vocational needs. Another advantage of senior living communities is their robust activity schedules, which means you’ll never have to pass idle time if you don’t want to. We put our own twist on fitness by giving you lots of options to get moving, including aquatic classes and tai chi. We also strive to meet your other interests with our LivWell programming, including brain workouts, guided meditation, and even local volunteer opportunities.

Your health doesn’t have to be a worry. When you choose a Springpoint Senior Living community, you’re choosing to have confidence in your future, no matter what it holds or how your health needs might change. At The Moorings, an onsite health center helps ensure that additional health services are available right on campus, whether that means companion services in your home or a transition to the health center.

Housing options are designed with your independence in mind. If you’re an active older adult looking to free yourself from the burden of home maintenance, independent living gives you chance to focus on the things you love the most, whether that’s a hobby, exploring the coastal town nearby, or spending time with loved ones. Residents who need a little help with daily activities find our compassionate assisted living care helps boost their health and happiness while promoting their independence. Other levels of care, including memory care and skilled nursing and rehabilitation, are available if you need them.

You and your loved ones can count on your safety and security. As a nonprofit organization, you can be assured that as a resident, you’re our top priority. In addition to the security of planning your financial future, with all your living expenses rolled into one monthly payment, you’re at lower risk of missing a bill or falling prey to senior scammers. We also work around the clock to promote your physical safety with features like back-up generators, 24/7 security, and an emergency communications system to keep our family and yours updated in a weather event or other emergency.

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Explore more benefits of living in a community like The Moorings at Lewes by downloading our guide.

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