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The Role of Location in Choosing Where to Retire

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Deciding where to retire may feel like a monumental decision. However, when you break down the factors that will ultimately guide you in choosing your retirement community, you may discover they aren’t all that different from the moves you planned in the past.

For most people, location carries a great deal of weight in choosing where to make a home. In your younger years, proximity to the best schools and your commute to work likely affected your decisions about where to live. Now, you may find yourself thinking more in terms of where you can find quality health care and how close you’ll be to grandchildren or other relatives.

With more leisure time to enjoy your surroundings in retirement, location may be more important than ever before. After all, the location of your senior living community will affect your quality of life and the type of retirement lifestyle you create.

There are many factors in choosing your retirement community, but a good place to start is by answering the broader question, “Where should I retire?” If you can answer this, you’ll give yourself a great head start toward enjoying your retirement years to the fullest.

Choosing where you’ll live is about more than a pin on a map. It’s about figuring out where you’ll feel comfortable and safe—what your everyday life will look like and the experiences that make you proud to call that place home. As you’re deciding where to retire, keep this list in mind:

Access to medical care

As a resident in a Life Plan Community like The Moorings at Lewes, which is also known as a continuing care retirement community, you have the security of knowing that as your medical needs change, you can access different levels of care right within the community. You may find the independent living apartments or cottages best suit your needs now, but assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing and rehabilitation options are also available.

In addition, if you have a medical emergency or need care beyond the scope of what the community offers, it’s reassuring to know that additional help is nearby. For residents of The Moorings, that help can be found at nearby Beebe Healthcare, a highly regarded hospital just five miles away.

Financial considerations

Keep in mind that if you move to a new area, the cost of living may be different from your current home, and in the long run that can put a big dent in your retirement savings. Be sure to explore all the potential expenses for building the life you want in your new home, so you can avoid surprises. You may also find it helpful to consider locations that offer specific financial advantages. For example, in the state of Delaware, no sales tax and a lower cost of living than many of the nearby East Coast states make it a popular retirement choice.

Nearby attractions and activities

Chances are good that as you’re choosing your retirement community, you’ll take into account the scope of amenities and activities that senior living communities make available to residents. As well you should! However, when it comes to senior living near Lewe, Delaware, there’s so much more to discover. In fact, our family at The Moorings encourages residents to get out and explore the region. We even plan excursions so residents can enjoy enriching activities in Lewes and nearby.

Lewes is a walking town with a vibrant collection of shops, fine dining, museums, and plenty of historic attractions dating back to 1631, all within a comfortably accessible half-mile area. If you need a little enticement for family visitors, miles of dune-backed beaches and trails at nearby Cape Henlopen State Park are wonderful options for connecting with nature and getting some exercise.

Loved ones nearby

One of the great joys of retirement is the time you can dedicate to family and loved ones. Choosing your retirement community within easy visiting distance means you can enjoy seeing each other for meals, activities or a leisurely afternoon. Visitors are always welcome at The Moorings, so while you may enjoy attending events away from the community, you’re also sure to look forward to hosting guests and showing off the scenic grounds of your beautiful new home.

A fit that feels like home

Finding the right location for your retirement may not come from checking the boxes on your list of requirements. Sometimes, the perfect fit is more of a feeling. That’s what we hope you’ll find when you visit The Moorings at Lewes. Contact us to arrange a tour and discover all the reasons this is the location you’ll want to call home.

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