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Touring a Senior Living Community: Questions to Ask

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Online reviews. Word-of-mouth. Website research. There are plenty of ways to gather information when considering a move to a senior living community. Although there are benefits to each research tool, there really is no substitution to setting up a tour and visiting the community for yourself.

Touring a senior living community helps you decide what is the best option for you. When you tour a senior living community, you’re able to truly get a sense of what your life would be like should you make the decision to move. You’ll have the opportunity to talk to staff members and residents and ask any question that might come to mind.

In order to get the most out of your tour at a senior living community, take inventory of what the most important things are for you to find out while you’re there and create a list of questions. To get you started, we at The Moorings at Lewes have pulled together a list of commonly asked questions that you may want to ask.

Questions to Ask the Senior Living Team During Your Tour

What kind of amenities do you offer?

You want to make sure that your days are filled with engaging activities that you enjoy. If you have a hobby like painting, it’s important to ask if there is an art studio available. Or a pool may be on your must-have list for low-impact exercise opportunities.

Will I receive adequate care?

Access to healthcare is vitally important for your wellbeing. So, make sure your current healthcare needs are provided for. And should those needs change in the future, ask if there are opportunities available to receive care beyond your current requirements.

Is the staff caring and knowledgeable?

Ask about the staff members’ certifications, credentials and training to ensure you’re in good hands. Even go as far as talking to the current residents about their relationships with the staff — sometimes, you’ll find that the team members demonstrate professionalism and convey a sense of warmth in their interactions with residents and each other. This is a promising sign when it comes to the quality of care you’ll receive.

How is the dining?

In most Life Plan Communities, dining is a social highlight of the day. You may want to check what types of foods are offered, whether or not the hours are convenient and if special dietary needs such as low-sodium or kosher meals can be accommodated.

What is the emergency plan?

Should the need arise, know that there is an emergency preparedness and safety plan. Although this will hopefully not have to be used, knowing that situations have been thought through and mapped out is reassuring and a sign of the credibility of the community.

Can I afford the community?

This is perhaps the most common question asked while on senior living tours. Thankfully, sales counselors are able to walk you through your financial considerations and find a plan that suits your needs and finances.

May I see more than one floor plan?

Although you may have a pretty good idea of how much space you need, seeing the floor plan layouts in person helps you truly imagine how your belongings will fit.

What is the quality of life?

The best way to learn about a senior living community is through the residents who currently reside there. Speak to a few and ask them how they’ve enjoyed their experience and what they like most about the community.

Remember: there is no question too absurd when it comes to confirming comfort in your potential new home. Once you’re done with your tour, imagine yourself in the community. Really step back, take in all that you have learned, and picture yourself walking through the hallways or settling in for the night in an apartment. Getting a taste of what your life could be like by visiting the community will help in your decision-making process.

We Invite You for a Tour at The Moorings at Lewes

Now that you know what to look for, we invite you to come tour for yourself! Contact us today to schedule your personal tour. Here, you’ll be able to get a feel for the community life, ask any questions you have and enjoy a meal on us. We look forward to meeting you.

*The health and safety of our community members and guests are our top priority. We have implemented a variety of precautions due to recent health events. These precautions include required face masks, easily accessible hand sanitizer and daily wellness checks for our team members. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

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